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Ontario California Boat donation - Charity Boats

Contact OnlineBoatDonation.org today and lock in a full tax deduction in return for your Ontario boat donation. We think that you deserve maximum reward value in return for your generous gift to charity. Call us at 1.888.228.7320 to begin the process whenever you are ready.

You do not need to have a wide open schedule to be able to find the time to make an Ontario boat donation. Thanks to free services like paperwork handling, we can efficiently wrap up your donation in just a few short days. Within that time frame you can earn eligibility for a full fair market value tax deduction that will rival any offer you may have received from a private buyer.

Are you interested in trying to achieve a full appraised value tax deduction? Even if you do not already have an appraisal for your vessel, you can still easily achieve this highly sought after and highest form of tax savings. If your donation qualifies, we will provide you with the assistance you need to lock in eligibility.

There also is a very simple qualification process for earning one of our bonus rewards. As long as we determine that your donation is worth $500 or more, we will be happy to send you a free vacation offer. We do not charge you anything for one of these exciting travel opportunities, there are no strings attached.

There are no mysteries in our Ontario boat donation process. We will auction off your boat to the highest bidder within our national buyer network. Once that is complete, we can take the full net proceeds of the sale and distribute it to charities. It is up to you whether you select an individual charity or you allow us to distribute the funds to a variety of organizations.

You will not have to wait long to transfer the value of your boat to a deserving charity. Thanks to the lightning fast response times of our transport crews, we can pick up your boat within a matter of days and put it on a fast track. Boat transport services are 100 percent free to you, whether you have a trailer or not.

You also can count on us to transfer your title, even if it was issued by the Coast Guard, at no charge to you. The entire Ontario boat donation process is free and convenient for every donor. You can enjoy maximum rewards and a lasting impact on your charity of choice if you call 1.888.228.7320 or donate through our online form today.  

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