Charity Boat Donation FAQ's

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Unless you have your own fleet of ships, a boat donation is probably a new experience for you. You should have some important questions that need answering before you donate a boat to charity which is why we created this page. Learn how and why to donate a boat to charity

Charity Boat Donation FAQ's

How to Donate a Boat


Fair Market Deduction

Donate Boat Tax Deduction

Our goal is to maximize the potential financial benefit possibly gained whenever possible, which means your maximum tax benefit will be the highest. Yacht and boat donations with a high value are our specialty! Why Sell?

Free Vacation

Free Vacation

Check out the free vacation options you get to choose from when you donate a boat valued over $500 through Online Boat Donation! Free Vacation

Charitable Causes

Every month we help 100's of charities with their boat donation needs. See some of the charity organizations your boat donations support, Charity


Excellent job! I decided to donate a boat to your organization because you answered every question I had! Honestly you could not have made donating my boat any easier! Marti - NJ
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