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Pasadena California Boat donation - Charity Boats can help you complete a Pasadena boat donation and keep the proceeds right here in your own community. Our streamlined process does more than just help you maximize your impact on charitable causes, it also can remove any stress involved in transferring ownership of your boat. Call us at 1.888.228.7320 for a free solution that can be wrapped up in a few short days.

We can promise you eligibility for a full fair market value tax deduction with little to no effort. When you call our toll free number, we go right to work to help you lock in a maximum deduction within a matter of minutes. Your ultimate savings can easily be as much as you might earn on the open market after you account for classified ads and other expenses.

Are you more interested in earning a deduction based on the appraised value of your Pasadena boat donation? That has never been easier thanks to the specialized services offered by We will find an appraiser that is located nearby and help you by completing the necessary paperwork.

There is a little more paperwork that you will definitely be glad to see. We are talking about the vacation offer that may be included in your final donation paperwork. This will be a no strings attached offer that can take you to the Bahamas or another Caribbean location.

Everything about your Pasadena boat donation is simple and straightforward. That definitely applies to the way your donation will be put to use for charitable causes. You have two options: you can either tell us to distribute the proceeds raised by the auction sale of your boat to a variety of charities, or you can select a certain charity to receive the funds. Call us at 1.888.228.7320 to learn more about how you may be able to pick your favorite charity.

If you call now, it can take us as little as a few days to send a boat transport crew out to meet you. You provide them with the title to your boat and they haul it away for free. In return, you receive a donation receipt that helps you lock in top tier tax savings.

You do not need a trailer to complete a Pasadena boat donation with We accept all types of boat in virtually any condition. To take advantage of our impressive lineup of services and rewards, call 1.888.228.7320 or donate through our online form.  

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