General Questions

All you need to know about our charity and how to donate a boat.

How do I Donate a Boat?

Simple! Either call 888-228-7320 to donate boat or go to our specific boat donation pages and fill out the easy online form.

Can I Claim a Tax Deduction?

Yes! Our goal is to maximize the potential financial tax deduction benefit possibly gained whenever possible!

Which State Can I Donate a Boat?

We have a network of transporters and can pick up your boat donation throughout the continental US and Hawaii.

Who is Online Boat Donation?

We are a non profit charitable organization called Giving Center. Learn more about our charity here: Giving Center

Other Questions

Here are some more answers to common boat donation questions..

I have a boat that doesn't run, will you accept my boat donation still?

95% of the time Yes, the only reason that we could not accept your much needed donation would be if the potential towing or fees would outweigh the sale or reconditioning of the boat.

Does my boat donation have to be on a trailer?

No, we are able to accept most boats without a trailer and whether they are running or not. The only way to know for sure if we can accept your boat donation is to have you call us (888) 228-7320

Does my boat trailer need a title?

Depending on your state requirements we may need the title. Please call and we will let you know what we can do to complete your boat trailer donation (888) 228-7320

How exactly do I donate a boat to your charity?

Online Boat donation has made it as easy as possible for anyone to donate a boat to charity. Call us toll free to donate a boat or go to our specific boat donation pages and fill out the easy online form. It really is that simple. We will then contact you to make the boat hauling arrangements and usually complete the process within a week or less. Donate Motor Boat, Donate Sailboat, Donate Yacht, Donate Jetski, Donate Boat Trailer, Donate Houseboat, Donate Boat Motor

Can you explain the Fair Market Tax Deduction?

Our goal is to maximize the potential financial benefit possibly gained whenever possible, which means your maximum tax benefit will be the highest. Yacht and boat donations with a high value are our specialty! Why Sell? We have an entire page devoted to answering questions regarding your tax deduction.
Just click this link: Fair Market Value Tax Deduction or read more here Giving Center Tax Deduction

Is it true that I can receive a Free Vacation?

Yes! You can choose between a cruise to the Bahamas or deluxe hotel accommodations in a city of your choice from the list we provide. Learn more about the free vacation options you get to choose from when you donate a boat valued over $500! Free Vacation

What is a HIN (Hull Identification Number)?

The HIN is the Hull Identification Number; you can usually find it on the starboard side of your boat's hull and on your State Boat Registration Certificate. This is similar to the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on a car.

Are there any other ways to help support your charity?

As a matter of fact, Yes! We have a network of websites devoted to helping connect those that want to help with multiple ways to donate almost anything you can think of. Real estate, vehicles, computers and electronics, collectibles, aircraft, furniture, intellectual property, financial and even domain names! Check out the page we created showcasing the different ways you can donate to charity and help those in need. Charity Donations

Is there anything I might have missed, or would need to know regarding my donation?

At any time you can call us and get any and all information regarding the paperwork you need for your donation, and after the sale the value you are able to deduct from your taxes. Everybody’s tax situation is different so please consult a tax advisor to see exactly how the fair market value tax deduction can benefit you personally.

Your Boat Donation to Charity is Tax Deductible!

The IRS allows you to deduct the actual fair market value of your boat donation or watercraft donation.

Tax Deduction