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Online Boat Donation makes it easy for anyone nationwide to donate a boat and support a great cause. From modest beginnings, Online Boat Donation has grown from supplying a handful of boats to a few rescue organizations, to becoming a highly recognized leader facilitating numerous daily boat donations that support fantastic charity organizations worldwide.

At Online Boat Donation, we are aware that our success lies in your generosity. The first step in attaining our success is to make sure that you are completely comfortable with the entire process of making a boat donation. We then work closely with you to ensure your total satisfaction and provide all necessary paperwork. We feel that your boat donation has not been completed until your expectations have been exceeded.

Some may wonder how it is we exceed our donors expectations. To begin with, we go the extra mile to ensure we get the highest value possible for your boat donation, jet ski or other watercraft. Sometimes with a little elbow grease and some talented twists of the wrench, we are able to generate a much higher revenue to benefit your favorite charity. The impersonal touch of just sending you a camera, making you prep and photograph your boat, and then auctioning it off on ebay and hoping for the best is what WE DO NOT DO. We have a network of boat mechanics and boat yards that store your vessel until we get the right buyer at the right price. This is how we are able to offer you a Fair Market Value Tax Deduction (in most cases).  Also as a gift for your generosity, we offer a free vacation for 2 allowing you to choose from a variety of hotels or cruises worldwide with any vessel over $500.

Sounds good, but who's behind this cause? Online Boat Donation is run by the non profit charity organization ( Car Donation ) who provides cars for individuals across the United States and also handles the car donation program for hundreds of charities. Feel free to call us toll free 7 days a week at 888-228-7320 with any questions you have regarding your boat donation.


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Our support staff demystifies the entire boat donation process and our step by step planning procedure guarantees there will be no hidden surprises along the way.

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