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Online Boat Donation has been a godsend to so many boat owners who have made boat donations. The reason is that Online Boat Donation makes your boat donation smooth sailing with their many contacts all over the United States. Facilitating the best deal for your motorboat donation means that you may reap the benefits of a fair market value tax deduction. The other upside to a motorboat donation is that you are helping a worthy charity make their mark in the community by helping other people. Your favorite philanthropic cause could benefit from your generosity. Plus, when you donate a motorboat, you no longer have to pay storage fees, docking fees and all the maintenance that goes along with being a boat owner. Sure, you might miss some of the excitement of being a motorboat owner such as the tangy salt air and the possibility of hooking up with the biggest fish you've ever caught. However, the benefits of that tax deduction for the motorboat donation far outweigh the expenses you accrued every time you took the boat out of storage to hit the water. To recap, in return for your motorboat donation, you are getting the satisfaction of helping support many great causes and you are making your accountant happy come tax time with your fair market value tax deduction, thanks to the hard work of Online Boat Donation to secure the best deal for your donation.


Donate a motorboat or other watercraft through Online Boat Donation and enjoy a fair market value tax deduction. Why try to sell a boat for much less than it is worth? We relieve you of your boating headaches and offer free pickup anywhere in the USA. Donate a boat and support charity today!


We are here to help you with your boat donation and invite you to call us 7 days a week with any questions you have!

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