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Online Boat Donation provides charitable donation services to people from all over the United States. Due to our background in this field, we are also very knowledgeable about the tax procedures required to receive deduction approvals after making a boat donation. We provide the needed IRS tax forms to our clients, and are willing to discuss which IRS tax forms you may require, even if you are unsure about your ability to give. Many people require some extra help with filing their IRS tax forms, and we strive to provide as much help as possible to those who have been generous enough to donate a boat. Of course you need to consult with your accountant as we can not legally give you any financial guidance.

We strive to get you a Fair Market Deduction and have been told we make the boat donation experience extremely simple and much easier than selling a boat. Online Boat Donation accepts donations of all types of vehicles. Many of these require different IRS tax forms than you may be used to, which is why we are always available to answer questions about the appropriate IRS tax form or IRS tax forms for you. For many donors, the most important part of donating is the tax deduction, and we realize that. Contact us today to discuss your possible boat donation.

Nearly every boat donation / watercraft donation to charity is tax deductible.
The IRS allows you to deduct for your charitable donation, an actual fair market value of your boat donation or watercraft donation. There are rules that apply to this process however. Publication 4303 Please call us with questions regarding your boat donation. We are able to give you an unbiased, 3rd-party recommendation based on our knowledge of the advantages associated with boat donations.

How Much Can I Claim as a Tax Deduction?
Rules for claiming a tax deduction for donations of boats valued over $500 limit the allowable amount of such deductions to the gross proceeds received by the charitable organization from the sale of the donated boat. When you donate a boat with Online Boat Donation you may still able to receive the full Fair Market Value tax-deduction

Donating through Online Boat Donation is a great way to support humanitarian relief efforts in the United States and throughout the world. The boat donations we receive are processed, and used to support numerous causes specializing in humanitarian relief both financially, and with necessary equipment. Whether you donate a car, a boat, a motorcycle, or anything else, your donation will directly effect many lives. Our humanitarian relief charity funding has provided all sorts of emergency services, including evacuation assistance, housing, and medical help to thousands of those who have required assistance. Humanitarian relief really saves lives, and Online Boat Donation believes in the efforts of the organizations we support. For more information about the humanitarian relief causes that are supported by Online Boat Donation, please feel free to give us a call, and speak to one of our resource allocation experts. Not only will you learn a bit about our policies for determining which foundations will receive funding, you will also get the chance to learn about what options you have for making a donation that will assist in the support of these humanitarian relief organizations. As always, we are glad to answer all of your questions, and guide you through the donation process, whether your donation will be large or small.


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