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Charity Donation Programs - Donate to Charity

Dont have a boat donation for our charity? Charity donations of any type can be made through our sister sites below. Donate a Car or comic book collection. Donate computers or real estate. Your generous charity donation is accepted nationwide!

Donate Boat to Charity

Donate a boat Sailboats, motor boats, jet ski, fishing boat or yacht, any vessel. Pickup is free to you and your donation can become a great benefit to those we serve. We offer the maximum financial benefit to both you and the numerous families and charities we serve. Donate a boat to charity

Charity Car Donations - Donate Car

* Donate car to Charity! Your charity car donation will make an amazing difference to families in need throughout the United States and worldwide. We accept 99.9% of the car donations offered to us and anytime the vehicle is working, we make the repairs and give to a family or organization in need.

Donate Real Estate - Land - Property

* You can claim the full "Fair Market Value" of your property. Residential properties are the most common, but commercial and industrial assets can be donated also. You do not have to pay capital gains on the property. Residential property, Commercial property, Rental, Land contracts, Vacation property Etc.

Donate Collectibles or Collector Cars

* Premiere source for the donation of art, coins, jewelry, comics, antiques, memorabilia, musical instruments, collector cars, or virtually any type of special interest item or collectible. You can turn your collectible treasures into a lasting gift to the charities our program serves.

Donate Computer Equipment

* Leading Computer Donation charity. Computers with Causes is dedicated to helping you with your Computer donation which benefits the many families and special children we serve daily and gives you needed Tax Benefits for your charitable donation of computer equipment.