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Why Donate a Boat to Charity? Boat donations really help!

Everyone has their own reason to donate a boat to charity. The most common reason we hear is because boating can become very expensive, hence the acronym BOAT ~ break out another thousand! The time and money spent maintaining a boat or any watercraft, especially the older it gets, can quickly drain your bank account. Winter storage, tune-ups, hull repairs, engines, trailer bearings, summer dock fees, the high gas prices on the water, you know all about it!

Reality finally sinks in and they realize it may be time to sell the boat. Many try to sell a boat or other watercraft themselves or hire a boat broker to do the selling for them. Months go by and the realistic offers just never come in. More time and money has been wasted on ads and broker fees and now you are responsible for another winter storage and winterizing fee. Our donors tell us this cycle can become never-ending and their boats value dropped lower every year.

Next step for many was the "Just Get Rid of It" phase where they got tired of the boat owner headaches and wanted their boat gone, now. A lowball bid comes in and is almost accepted, resulting in major financial losses once again. Fortunately they learn about the Online Boat Donation charity program and discover the financial and community benefits they will gain compared to selling the boat themselves. A call is then made to their accountant or financial advisor and 99% of the time online boat donation helps this generous person donate a boat and support their favorite charity. (Please speak with your accountant to realize your own personal financial benefits)

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If you do not have a boat donation to offer and still want to make a donation to charity, please take a moment to learn about the many other possible donations you can make to benefit a nonprofit charity

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