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Are you ready to take the for sale sign off your boat so you can start earning fast rewards and immediate savings? can help you use a Simi Valley boat donation to lock in a top tier tax deduction and remove the burden of insuring, storing, or listing a boat in a classified advertisement. Call 1.888.228.7320 to claim your savings today.

We will prepare all the necessary documents that must be completed for you to achieve eligibility for a full tax deduction from the IRS. Thanks to our IRS-approved status, we can help you lock in the value of that reward in just a few minutes over the phone. There is no need to wait until your Simi Valley boat donation is sold at auction.

In most cases, our donors earn full tax deductions based on the fair market value of their donated property. In the remaining cases, we help qualifying donors go after eligibility for full appraised value tax deductions. If you qualify, we will help you schedule a meeting with a professional appraiser located in your area, and then we will provide you with assistance with the documentation.

There is no doubt that you can achieve a quality return on value with nothing more than your full market value tax deduction. We are still willing to offer you more, though. As long as we find that your Simi Valley boat donation is worth $500 or more, we will send you a vacation offer that could help you travel to the Bahamas this year.

Our charity beneficiaries often end up just as happy as our well rewarded donors. We take the full net proceeds raised from each Simi Valley boat donation and send it out to a variety of local and national organizations. If you would like to know more about the charities you are helping, or if you would like to tell us about an individual charity you might like to select as the sole beneficiary of your donation, you can call our toll free number at 1.888.228.7320.

There is very little that stands between you and a successful donation. It does not matter if your Simi Valley boat donation is in poor condition. Nor does it matter if your boat is difficult or expensive to move. We will send in a professional boat transport crew to ensure that the job is done right. You receive this service without any charge.

You can schedule an appointment with one of these crews within a few short days. To begin, call us at 1.888.228.7320 or donate through our online form.  

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