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Colorado Boat donations - Donate a Boat to Charity Colorado

A Colorado Boat Donation equals a Smart Financial Move

While Colorado is known for its skiing resorts, there are a fair amount of lakes, reservoirs and rivers to boat down as well. If you are a Colorado boat owner and wish to divest yourself of a used boat, don’t bother trying to sell it via the classifieds or park it in your lawn hoping someone will see it. Instead, call us here at Online Boat Donation and donate a boat Colorado!

You will discover that there are several advantages to making a Colorado boat donation. First of all, you may receive a fair market value tax deduction, which is great come income tax filing time. Second, you will no longer have to pay insurance, storage and maintenance fees on the boat. That is likely an instant budget boost! Best of all, when you offer us a Colorado boat donation, charity benefits too!

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Denver, Colorado Springs or Aspen, Online Boat Donation can arrange for the pick-up of your Colorado boat donation. Sailboats, fishing boats, houseboats and jetski donations … any watercraft with a working motor or even a blown engine is accepted. If you have a boat trailer in good condition, that is a welcome donation as well!

Here at Online Boat Donation, we always go the extra mile to ensure we receive the highest value for your Colorado boat donation. This translates not only into a larger tax deduction for you but a larger contribution for the charitable causes we serve as well. Donate a Boat Colorado, you are giving and receiving great rewards.

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