Boat Donation Corona

Corona California Boat Donation

Are you always looking for a way to leave a mark on your community? With one simple Corona boat donation to, you have the potential to generate a large lump sum donation and support some worthy causes. If you call our toll free number at 1.888.228.7320, we will show you how to change lives in your community. Some people do not consider making a Corona boat donation as a first option because they think it will be too inconvenient. This could not be less true for our donors. Our staff completes all the donation paperwork that is required of a donor, leaving only a minimum amount of effort standing between you and a full fair market value tax deduction. There is no reason to sell your boat privately -- even if you have a big ticket item that has a very high market value. In cases like these, we often offer the donor the opportunity to earn eligibility for a highly sought after full appraised value tax deduction. The tax savings alone are going to easily make it worth your time to complete a Corona boat donation. However, you do not have to settle for just a tax deduction as your reward. If your boat is determined to have a market value of $500 or more, you also will receive a vacation offer free, as our way of saying thank you.

Donate Corona CA Boat to Charity

As you can see, donating to charity can earn you some great rewards. Of course, it also can help you change the lives of underprivileged people in our country. It is hard to put a value on the good feeling you will receive from knowing that the full net proceeds of your Corona boat donation are going to a quality organization. You will be able to benefit from free boat transport services within a few short days of your initial contact. Our professional crews provide top of the line services, including title transfers for all different types of boats. You can trust our staff to put in the work necessary to prepare your Corona boat donation and generate maximum proceeds. Call us at 1.888.228.7320 or donate through our online form today to earn great results for a deserving cause.

Your Corona Boat Donation is Tax Deductible!

The IRS allows you to deduct the actual fair market value of your CA boat donation or watercraft donation.

CA Tax Deduction