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Support Charity with your Alaska Boat Donation

Alaska is a unique, beautiful state with access to many rivers, lakes and of course, the ocean. That means many people have boats to traverse these waters. Of course, with any boat comes expenses and if you are tired of paying those expenses, consider making an Alaska boat donation. Sure, you could try and sell your boat on your own, but chances are that you are going to be meeting quite a few strangers and fielding a lot of calls with such ridiculous bids that it simply is not worth the bother. However, here at Online Boat Donation, we can help you with your boat. When you donate boat Alaska, you not only enjoy a fair market value tax deduction, but you also earn a great societal contribution for charity. There is nothing like a win-win situation, is there? Just imagine charities that deal with illness or children getting the funds they need just because of your Alaska boat donation. It feels good to give!

AK Boat Donation to Charity

Do you have a fishing boat or trawler? Perhaps, there is a sailboat or cabin cruiser docked somewhere with your name on it. Online Boat Donation considers all boats with motors and of course, the better condition your Alaska boat donation is, the more it will help charity. This translates to a higher tax deduction for you and a higher contribution to charity. It doesn’t matter if you live in Nome, Anchorage or Fairbanks; we can help you with your Alaska boat donation because we can travel state wide, thanks to our nationwide contacts. Please complete the following AK boat donation form to start the process.

Your AK Boat Donation to Charity is Tax Deductible!

The IRS allows you to deduct the actual fair market value of your AK boat donation or watercraft donation.

AK Tax Deduction