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Donate a Boat! Iowa Charity Donation

Iowa Boat Donation Benefits Both You and Charity. Iowa is not what you might accept as a Mecca for boaters but there are some opportunities for cruising on the water thanks to some lakes as well as several rivers like the Ohio and Mississippi. If you are one of those boat owners and have had enough responsibility, consider an Iowa boat donation. Free yourself of your financial boat responsibilities like fuel, insurance, storage and routine maintenance. By donating an Iowa boat, you are essentially giving yourself a raise! Not only that, the fair market value tax deduction you receive is a definite boon come income tax time. And of course, charities also benefit from your Iowa boat donation as well. You benefit and charitable causes such as those that deal with the homeless, cancer, literacy and so many more will also benefit. Isn’t it wonderful that your Iowa boat donation can touch the lives of so many people?

Iowa Boat Donation to Charity

Here at Online Boat Donation, we have a number of connections that help us garner the best deal for your Iowa boat donation so that you can reap the maximum tax benefit in addition to charities getting more money for their philanthropic efforts. In addition, we make things super easy so that your Iowa boat donation is a breeze. We arrange pick-up of your boat regardless of where you are in Iowa. Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and Mason City are just a few representative places that we cover in the state. Your sailboat, fishing boat, houseboat or any other motorized watercraft are accepted here at Online Boat Donation. Even boat trailers and jetskis are possible donations too! Just give us a call and we will make your Iowa boat donation smooth sailing!

Your Iowa Boat Donation to Charity is Tax Deductible!

The IRS allows you to deduct the actual fair market value of your Iowa boat donation or watercraft donation.

Iowa Tax Deduction