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Donate a Boat! South Dakota Charity Donation

If you are one of the numerous South Dakota residents who has, in the past, purchased a boat or jet ski and now find yourself not using it so much any more, our charity might be the best option for a South Dakota boat donation. What we offer is an easy solution to boat donations in South Dakota, regardless of whether you live in Pierre or in Sioux Falls. Perhaps you even live on Lake Oahe, in which case you might even own more than one boat; a bass boat and a house boat or a couple jet ski’s? If gas prices have got you taking your boat out less and less frequently, and you’d like to be free of one or more, we have the perfect solution for you. Donate a boat South Dakota

SD Boat Donation to Charity

Many people across the U.S. are finding that boat donations, South Dakota included, are the most sensible option when they have a boat that is no longer being used as frequently as should be the case. If you are spending more money on gas, storage, and motor maintenance than the boat is worth, you are probably thinking it is time to find a new home for the boat. Selling is one of the obvious options, but often the selling price is incomparable to what you paid for it, not to mention the hassle and cost involved in selling it. An alternative option is to use our charity. Not only do we offer benefactors the chance to feel good about the way they’ve chosen to get rid of their boat, we also offer the donor a tax deduction. This tax deduction is frequently more than the used selling price, making South Dakota boat donations through our charity an excellent choice.

Your SD Boat Donation to Charity is Tax Deductible!

The IRS allows you to deduct the actual fair market value of your SD boat donation or watercraft donation.

SD Tax Deduction