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Donate a Boat! West Virginia Charity Donation

Although there are no significant boating communities in West Virginia, boat donations are still becoming a fairly common thing around the state since, of course, there are people who own boats in the region. There is no single place in the state where there is an overabundance of boats; however, many recreational fishermen, alongside those with a pontoon boat or a powerboat do live here. What our charity is all about is what to do with boats once you no longer want them or once you are looking to buy a newer, more exciting boat to replace the one you currently have. West Virginia boat donations are a good option instead of selling your boat second-hand. Not only will donating a boat feel more like a good deed than selling it, but you will also receive a tax deduction for having donated the boat. The more your boat is worth, the higher the tax deduction will be.

WV Boat Donation to Charity

For many people, this makes WV boat donations a great option once they’ve started to think about getting rid of a boat that they don’t have the time or energy for any more, or perhaps they are looking to upgrade from their current boat to a bigger, faster one. Whatever your situation is, a West Virginia boat donation promises to be a good option for ridding yourself of a used boat or jet ski. We are equally pleased to get a sailboat as a small pontoon boat, so think about our charity if you’re thinking of getting rid of a boat or making a charity donation.

Your WV Boat Donation to Charity is Tax Deductible!

The IRS allows you to deduct the actual fair market value of your WV boat donation or watercraft donation.

WV Tax Deduction