Boat Donation WA

Donate a Boat! Washington Charity Donation

Washington State is a boater’s paradise. Many people who live along the coastline update their motorboats quite frequently because of saltwater-related damage. Likewise, many people living inland trade in their jet skis and smaller powerboats as newer models of their favorite boat manufacturers become available. If you are one of the many in the market for a newer boat, you might want to think about a Washington boat donation as an alternative to selling a used boat. If there’s someone interested in buying your used boat, selling it can be a simple, quite painless process; however, in most cases, selling a used boat is a grueling, time-consuming process. An alternative to this hassle is to donate a boat WA. Washington boat donations benefit those who have real needs and seek a helping hand, which gives most donors the feeling that they are truly making a difference.

WA Boat Donation to Charity

In addition to this feeling of satisfaction at having done a good thing, our charity rewards those donating all kinds of boats from yachts to motorboats with a tax deduction upon completing their donation. The tax deduction is similar to any other type of tax deduction, but it should be noted that in the case of a boat donation, the tax deduction sometimes comes out to be more than the price that you could have sold the boat for. It’s for these reasons that Washington boat donations are a good solution for anyone looking to update what’s in their boathouse in a hassle-free, feel-good way. When you donate a boat to charity, everyone wins.

Your WA Boat Donation to Charity is Tax Deductible!

The IRS allows you to deduct the actual fair market value of your WA boat donation or watercraft donation.

WA Tax Deduction