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Donate a Boat! Utah Charity Donation

Great Salt Lake is perhaps one of the greatest things about Utah. Since this lake offers so many kinds of excellent recreational activities, those who enjoy such activities migrate toward such a magical place. Among the most popular outdoor activities are various kinds of boating and jet skiing. For many people around the lake, older boats are a difficult question because people often want to upgrade their boats without going through the hassle of first selling their older boats. We make a Utah boat donation a piece of cake for anyone looking to donate a boat. Our charity works hard to make sure that your sailboat, powerboat or Sea Doo transitions easily from your hands into a tool to greatly benefit those in need. Not only do we offer a convenient option for free boat pick-ups, we also offer a Fair Market Tax Deduction for your Utah boat donation which is much easier than trying to go the route of selling your boat through a classified ad.

UT Boat Donation to Charity

We offer each and every donor a tax deduction after they have made their Utah boat donation. Since donating one’s boat or other watercraft is a big step, we find it important to create a financial incentive in addition to the satisfaction that naturally comes from doing a good deed for the community and the world. Consider a Utah boat donation for the boat you’re looking to replace, make your next summer on Great Salt Lake faster and even more fun with a new motorboat to replace the used boat you’ve just donated through our charity.

Your UT Boat Donation to Charity is Tax Deductible!

The IRS allows you to deduct the actual fair market value of your UT boat donation or watercraft donation.

UT Tax Deduction