Boat Donation WY

Donate a Boat! Wyoming Charity Donation

Though Wyoming is a land-locked state, it is well known that there are lots of avid outdoorsmen, fishermen and boaters in the state. If you are one of the many who invested in a jet ski or a motorboat years ago, and now find yourself not using it much any more, you might like to put yourself among the many who are contributing to charity and offer us your Wyoming boat donation. Whether you’re a recreational fisherman or you spend part of the summer at a cabin with your sailboat, you might be one of the many who find themselves using their boats and Sea Doos less and less often. If you bought a boat or a jet ski when your children were teenagers in order to make the summer more fun for them, but now they’re off on their own and nobody’s using the watercraft anymore, it might just be time to consider a Wyoming boat donation.

WY Boat Donation to Charity

For many people, the logical choice when it comes to getting rid of a motorboat or a Sea Doo is to place a classified boat ad and see how much one can sell it for. Another option is to donate a boat to charity WY, and that’s exactly what our charity is here to help you with. Our charity helps anyone with unwanted boats easily donate a boat and at the same time help numerous charitable causes and families worldwide. Our job is to make your Wyoming boat donation go smoothly and to make sure that your boat or waverunner gets put to good use. Not only do we make sure that your boat is used by someone who needs it, but we also offer you, the boat donor, a tax deduction that depending on the value of the boat, is sometimes more than you can sell it for!

Your WY Boat Donation to Charity is Tax Deductible!

The IRS allows you to deduct the actual fair market value of your WY boat donation or watercraft donation.

WY Tax Deduction