Donate Motorboat to Charity

Motorboat Donation

Motor Boat Donations / any size accepted as a charity donation. Fishing boat, houseboat, yacht, any boat with a motor! Fair Market Value Tax Deduction!

Donate Sailboat to Charity

Sailboat Donation

Donate a Sailboat to charity, We handle everything! Any size sailboat donation accepted. Much easier than selling! Schooner, sloop, catamaran etc.

Charity Boat Donations

Donate boat to charity. Fair Market Value Tax Deduction, Free Vacation (any vessel over $500) and help support many worthy causes!

Donate Boat

Our Mission is to Do What is RIGHT, NOT what is PROFITABLE

Yes, we like to do things a bit differently. Instead of billboards we offer housing assistance. Instead of a radio jingle we provide free computers for furthering the education of our youth. Instead of costly internet ads we offer meals to those unable to provide food for their families. We minister to these needs in faith and with a firm commitment to Do What is Right, Not what is profitable. Your boat donations have helped us touch the lives of thousands of families in need, social service agencies and numerous charitable organizations worldwide. Boat Donations really help!

Help Those In Need

What Our Donors Say

Your Boat Donation to Charity is Tax Deductible!

The IRS allows you to deduct the actual fair market value of your boat donation or watercraft donation.

Tax Deduction

Boat Donations Available Anywhere in the USA - Choose Your State to Donate Boat